Welcome to Using & Setting Up Green Screens! You’re in store for a full-coverage guide on all you need to know. Within this course, we’ll cover everything from the huge variety of lighting options, configuration and setup, materials, and the many hazards to watch out for in setting up your own green screened studio.

StreamerSquare has a two-part resource on backgrounds. Check out this article for native backgrounds (just your physical room or location) or this one to dig a little deeper into green screens.

Looking for an in-depth visual walkthrough of setting up a green screen? Look no further than MachineDaena and his tutorial video below!

One thing that’s always crucial┬áto streaming with a camera, whether that’s with or without a green screen is lighting. Get that finishing touch on your knowledge on the subject by checking out “The Basics of Lighting Your Stream” over on StreamerSquare!

Finally, we’ve got a clip from one of The Stream Scene episodes, featuring guests Soaryn and dasMEDHI, with a fluid discussion of several approaches to green screens.

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