Welcome to Tech Security! We’ve got a whole lot more to come in the future with this course, but in the meantime, let’s dive into the ins and outs of Two Factor Authentication. This is one of the most crucial aspects of online security, made even more critical when you’re an online personality. Not to worry, though; SolarStream is here to help!

If you want to check out StreamerSquare’s free resources on security, we’ve got an entire series on the matter – Protecting Yourself Online:

For more information about Cybersecurity, take a look at our workshop on the subject.

Listen up! Two Factor Authentication is super important for keeping your accounts safe. It would suck to have your Twitch, Twitter, or other accounts hacked, resulting in getting you locked out, or worse, banned from the platform with no way to recover. Devastating. Learning about this stuff can be boring, I know, so we’ll just stick to what’s absolutely vital for you to understand to keep your accounts safe. What is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is a common security measure that websites offer to add an extra level of protection to accounts. It is, quite literally, a second layer of security verifying that you are the true owner of the account you are attempting to log into. Common 2FA methods include – one-time passwords, email links, hardware tokens, SMS codes, backup codes, and authenticator apps. Why Should I Care? Account security might not seem important to...

While not as widely talked about as 2FA, password managers are another important tool available to protect yourself online. We all know how important it is to not reuse the same password on multiple websites or platforms, to update them on a semi-regular basis, and to not share them with anyone else. Keeping track of all of your passwords can be difficult; using a password manager eases the burden of having to memorize so many passwords and takes away the need to (we shudder to think it) write them down on a piece of paper for easy access. What Are Password Managers? The Basics At their most basic level, password managers are used to store login credentials for websites and apps. They allow you to easily log in to everything from the SolarStream website to Twitch to your favorite game launcher by holding all of your information for you, so...

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