Sponsorships and affiliate programs are excellent sources for generating income as a content creator. Developing multiple income streams is critical for becoming a full-time creator and having active sponsorship deals or passive affiliate revenue can make all the difference. While sponsorships sound super alluring, some companies will take advantage of the terminology to dress up a basic affiliate program. It’s important that you are equipped with the knowledge to understand the difference between these two terms so you can make the right decisions for your channel and career. There’s nothing wrong with affiliate programs, both affiliate offers and sponsorship deals have their unique pros and cons.

In this course, we discuss the differences between sponsorships and affiliates. We also teach you how to value yourself as a creator. Hopefully, after this course you’ll gain a better understanding of the types of deals that are out there and be able to make better decisions for you.


Clara has worked in influencer relations and strategy for years, supporting game studios and content creators by maintaining strong relationships and a firm grasp of needs on both sides. Her experience ranges from broader agency work to in-house consultancy. She is currently the Influencer Strategist at Devolver Digital and Director of the Vancouver Twitch community events.


“If your viewers want you to succeed, they will make your transition to more business-centric activities smoother – for instance, sponsored streams and other brand deals. Conversely, the lack of cultivating a healthy audience who will support your business goals will turn away sponsors, as they will see the severe dip in performance metrics when you stream anything outside your main game or take note of unchecked toxic behaviour in your chat.”


One of the biggest debates in the creator space revolves around working for exposure. Is working for exposure okay? Should you be demanding payment for every opportunity that comes your way? We’ll discuss this in our course, or check out this video from a previous episode of The Stream Scene.

As a streamer, it is incredibly important to have a few revenue streams to be a profitable channel. One of the most common revenue sources after some stream development is sponsorships. Some may not know the difference between affiliate and sponsorship nor what these deals can entail. There are important distinctions between the two, and understanding the difference will help you not get taken advantage of. It is important to understand what type of deal you are getting to make sure you are getting what you as a creator deserve for the work you’re doing. There are a few components that make these two concepts vary from each other though. There’s a lot of confusion we need to debunk especially since not every brand is labeling their offers correctly.  Compensation The first, and biggest thing that differentiates these is the way you are paid or rewarded for the promotion you...

One of the hardest things when finding your footing in any kind of content creation space is knowing your worth as a creator. From streamers, Dungeon Masters, game developers, and writers, there’s a never ending list of ways to create valuable content. But, how do you value yourself financially? As you’re looking for sponsors, affiliate opportunities, and contracts, you’ll need to know your value as well as what your content is worth. This module is here to help give you ideas about being paid a reasonable price for your work. Read the Fine Print You’ve likely seen commercials/ads for games like RAID: Shadow Legends or streamers who post a tweet with a #ad on it. When you’re growing as a content creator, you’re more than likely going to run into these kinds of opportunities. You always want to check how these deals benefit you, as well as what’s expected of...

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