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What you’ll currently find here is an array of options for taking your current streaming setup to a new level with upgrades and expansions to your gear.

If you want to go deep into PC builds for streaming, we’ve got a full episode of The Stream Scene here, featuring Darkness429 and Koozy:

Short on time or looking for a specific topic? We’ve got you covered with highlights from the episode!

For some “light reading,” take a gander at this StreamerSquare guide on 2 PC setup, or advice on building your own streaming rig from a TwitchCon panel (including the full video).


So you are looking to build a PC but are not quite sure how to approach it all? Or you love consoles but want to dabble into PC gaming? Or you love the streaming world and you are itching to give it a shot yourself? Whatever the reason, this guide is here to help you put together a functional PC for many purposes. Together, we will go over the parts, talk about their properties, and suggest a couple parts that can fit the bill. In the end, you should have a functional PC that can accomplish whatever you need from it and stay within the budget that you set for yourself. Speaking of budget… Step One: The Budget You would think the first step is to start with a case or a motherboard but honestly this is the first hurdle you need to tackle. It’s an important one as well....

Getting your first big-time PC setup is invigorating! You have every piece and you are ready to conquer the world. As you progress and see all these flashy advertisements or equipment your favorite creators are using, you may start to get a few ideas on some upgrades you want to have for your rig. Have no fear, StreamerSquare is here! Through this module, we’ll introduce you to some items both digital and physical that can take your stream to that next level. Stream Deck We feel like we can’t make this list without noting this beauty, and what a great way to start the module! There are a lot of imitators and a handful of people that will tell you other methods to achieve ‘the same thing,’ but nothing we’ve seen manages to meet the magnificence of Elgato’s Stream Deck. Take it from someone who’s tried most of them. The...

This article will answer all the following questions regarding dual PC setups for streaming: Why Go For a Dual PC Setup? What Are The Differences Between a Single PC & Dual PC Setup? How do I Capture My Game Audio/Video On A Dual PC Setup? What About If I Want to Stream Using Another Console? What Are Some Tips or Tricks For Troubleshooting a Dual PC Setup? How Do I set Up My Dual PC Streaming Setup? Stream Deck Setup Final Thoughts “Two heads are better than one, not because either is infallible, but because they are unlikely to go wrong in the same direction.” – C.S. Lewis C.S. Lewis isn’t wrong here, because when you’re solving a problem or working on a task, having a helping hand from a friend or an extra set of eyes to look at things from another angle can be a very useful resource....

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