Welcome to Identity Security! In this course, we’ll be walking you through all of the essentials of fortifying your personal identity from digital security threats. As content creators, influencers, and online personalities, our certain aspects of our identities can be part of what we present to the world while others are meant to be kept away from prying eyes. With this everpresent threat, SolarStream is here to help.

If you want to check out StreamerSquare’s free resources on security, we’ve got an entire series on the matter – Protecting Yourself Online:

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Let’s face it, privacy is a vital topic in our ever-increasing digital world. More and more people are driven to the internet for their shopping, work, entertainment, tutorials, and educational needs. With all of these online intersections where you come into contact with any number of people, brands, and sites, it’s important to protect your identity/privacy as thoroughly as possible. With that in mind, let’s cover several of the key steps to take in order to protect yourself from potential harm.  Please note that we will be covering aspects of privacy that focus more on your general online presence since the topic of privacy is both broadly applicable and extends to countless situations. We have a separate course on Tech Security, which will be expanded over time, that will help round out your perspective on digital safety! General Protection Pulling from experience across a range of industries gives a unique...

Some of the most popular streams in the past involve a streamer taking the audience on an adventure, whether that was in their hometown somewhere close, or across the world. One particular stream I enjoy is a vlog-style stream where the creator goes to Japan. The interactions, the landscape, the culture, and how different he acts according to the people he meets is pure entertainment. Getting a sneak peek at someone’s life and their adventures can be exciting, but what cost does it come at for the Content Creator? Protecting Personal Information Personal lives are called personal for a reason. Sharing your life with your audience can reveal the human behind the machine, separating the idea that you’re just a talking image in a digital box. There are limits though. Addresses, phone numbers, and anything that personal can lead some people to trying to find out where you are. There...

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