No matter if you’re streaming for personal fun or trying to become a full-time streamer, you want to grow your stream. This is one of the greatest challenges of live streaming especially as more and more people hit that Start Streaming button. Don’t be overwhelmed by how many streamers there are though, there is a place for you. Everyone is a consumer of content, but not everyone is a creator of one. There’s an audience for everything. But, you do have to actively strategize and work towards your growth, it’s not simply going to happen.


Clara has worked in influencer relations and strategy for years, supporting game studios and content creators by maintaining strong relationships and a firm grasp of needs on both sides. Her experience ranges from broader agency work to in-house consultancy. She is currently the Influencer Strategist at Devolver Digital and Director of the Vancouver Twitch community events.


“Viewers come to streams from a variety of sources. Game choice, timing, and networking are perhaps the most typical methods of attracting new viewers – the most effective is when all three are working together.”


In this course, we break down what discoverability means, what factors are involved, and how discoverability works on Twitch. We also talk about two important topics for growing your stream: networking, and marketing.

We’ll examine a case study of Twitch streamer Negaoryx, who’s viral clip boosted her online presence and significantly grew her stream.

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