Welcome to Deep Dive: Webcams & DSLRs!

Getting to know your streaming camera can be incredibly advantageous to improving the quality of your content. This course will cover a lot of general and very detailed information to help you understand the ins and outs of everything camera.

Our first module – Webcams vs DSLRs – will tackle the following:

  • webcam and DSLR basics, incl. mirrorless cameras
  • cost comparisons
  • additional materials and considerations (lenses, peripherals, add-ons, filters, dummy batteries, etc.)
  • visual effects
  • setup and settings
  • lighting
  • visual comparisons

The second module – DSLRs for Streaming & Content Creation – will move beyond that to cover a full exploration of DSLRs, with examples, with incredible detail.

Want to learn more about editing and updating your webcam settings? Content Creator Gael LEVEL has you covered with the following video!

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