Welcome to our Deep Dive: Microphones & Audio course! Here we’ll go over some basics, comparisons of a variety of microphone types (and everything that distinguishes them from each other), as well as an overview of acoustics and some EQ essentials. This course will get expanded over time to include more modules on things like soundproofing and fine-tuning your settings!

We’ve also got some free resources for you! Your first stop should definitely be our Streaming Hardware Basics with some coverage of microphones, as well as the following StreamerSquare articles:

Would you rather watch than read? Here’s a clip from The Stream Scene, featuring Soaryn and dasMEHDI, on audio compression and filters:

Another clip from an episode of The Stream Scene with professional voice actors Lindsey Vega (FhaeLin) and Elspeth Eastman (Elspeth) discussing room acoustics, soundproofing, and some of their hardware:

Whether you’re here to dip your toes into the world of audio, scope out what equipment setups look like, or deep dive into the technical aspects of microphones, we’ve got you covered! Remember that learning, exploring, and playing with audio is an interesting and complicated hobby, so don’t be discouraged if it seems like there’s a lot of information out there. There certainly is, but even audio experts started out not knowing a single thing about how any of this works! It’s our job to help you understand some of the fundamentals and then give you some examples and guidance so you can start understanding and making informed decisions about your own audio setups. So let’s get into it! Basic Breakdown The basics are a good place to start for both surface level information and deep dive technical aspects of audio. Your setup could be the convenience of a quality...

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