Harassment, bullying, protection, and security is one of the most important yet challenging subjects in our industry. This course has in-depth coverage of myriad topics, including the following:

  • Twitch’s AutoMod and your own banned word list can be useful tools to preempt harassment and some aspects of bad behavior, as are choices like requiring account verification for your chat.
  • There are terrific community tools out there from folks like CommanderRoot.
  • Take quick control of your alerts with ‘skip’ features on many alerts platforms, made even easier with peripherals like the Stream Deck.
  • Make wise choices about your privacy, such as using a separate PayPal account for tips in order to prevent some personal info from leaking.
  • If you’re streaming with others, establish boundaries in advance; when gaming with others, be aware of the hazards of not having control over what your audience might inadvertently be exposed to through voice comms or in-game chat.

We’ve got a complete episode of The Stream Scene, feat. guests MissKylie and Vana, discussing bullying and harassment in the streaming space in depth:

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