Harassment, bullying, protection, and security is one of the most important yet challenging subjects in our industry. This course has in-depth coverage of myriad topics, including the following:

  • Twitch’s AutoMod and your own banned word list can be useful tools to preempt harassment and some aspects of bad behavior, as are choices like requiring account verification for your chat.
  • There are terrific community tools out there from folks like CommanderRoot.
  • Take quick control of your alerts with ‘skip’ features on many alerts platforms, made even easier with peripherals like the Stream Deck.
  • Make wise choices about your privacy, such as using a separate PayPal account for tips in order to prevent some personal info from leaking.
  • If you’re streaming with others, establish boundaries in advance; when gaming with others, be aware of the hazards of not having control over what your audience might inadvertently be exposed to through voice comms or in-game chat.

We’ve got a complete episode of The Stream Scene, feat. guests MissKylie and Vana, discussing bullying and harassment in the streaming space in depth:

Harassment has always been an issue on sites like Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and other places of content creation. As you’re getting started as a content creator, harassment can be a scary thought – how do you deal with hate raids, Discord bots, spam, and other kinds of harassment? How do you take beginning steps to keep yourself safe? Thanks to streamers who took time out of their busy schedules, and the community-created tools and on-site safety tools, we’ve crafted this article to help you protect yourself and make these situations a little easier to handle. AutoMod and Banned Words Twitch allows you to set up tools like AutoMod and a list of banned words. To make use of this, go into the Creator Dashboard, Settings, and then Moderation. From here, you will be able to set up terms that will be blocked from being posted in chat. Meanwhile, AutoMod will...

MxietyMarie, better known as Mxiety, is a talk show host and writer. Her goal is to create an uplifting space where mental health is easy to discuss through interviews with professionals and advocates, games, and supportive, inclusive community chats. You can learn more about her and access other resources at mxiety.com.She/Her “Harassment is not your fault.” -Mxiety Content creators all deal with their fair share of harassment, and it’s important to know the tools available to you to manage chat, your channel, and your own mental fortitude. Unfortunately, harassment happens, and it’s time to arm yourself with the knowledge of moderators, bots, and yourself to keep you and your community safe. Mods The best and often first line of defense will always be a moderation team. Having solid moderators (or “mods”) covering your chat allows you to focus on creating content rather than interrupting stream to moderate. NikatineNikatine is a roleplay,...

Hate raids and follow bots – we’ve seen and heard a lot about these bad actors in the streaming scene in the last year. This is when folks attack streamers because of something they have absolutely no control over, whether it be their race, sexuality, gender, or a myriad of other reasons. They can completely derail the rhythm of a stream, and in many cases, cause someone to feel so horrible that they just stop putting out content altogether. It can make streamers feel they don’t have the tools or support necessary to protect themselves and their community.  Today, we’re going to take the time together to learn what hate raids and follow bots are, and how to combat them. What Are Hate Raids? A hate raid is where an anonymous group of users flood live-stream chats, community Discords, and social media platforms of a marginalized streamer. This typically comes...

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