As a content creator, you wear many different hats- entertainer, director, producer, manager, publicist, editor, and more. If you have a group of regulars watching your stream and engaging with you, you are cultivating a community, and believe it or not, that makes you a leader too. Being a community leader is an important role that carries tremendous responsibility. You are in charge of shaping your community and how your community behaves reflects back on you. The bigger your community, the more critical this role becomes. Start early to develop a solid footing with leading your community and you’ll be building a space that you enjoy and attracting more like-minded followers.


Emme "negaoryx" Montgomery is a voice actor, TTRPG player and streamer from Los Angeles, CA. With 5+ years experience as a full-time content creator, she and her community put an emphasis on charity fundraising, LGBTQIA2+ advocacy, and aim to leave the internet better than they found it in all their online endeavors.


“It’s hard to summarize what being a community leader means, but I think two major aspects of it are knowing what you want your space to be like, and actively enforcing the rules you establish to cultivate that kind of space. I set the example for my viewers of what kind of behavior is or isn’t allowed in our community. Sometimes that means making hard decisions.”


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