Collaborations with other content creators are a great way to foster relationships, expand your reach to a new audience, and bring fresh, exciting content to your channel. While communication is key to most things when working with others, it’s particularly important when it comes to making sure a collaboration actually happens and happens without a major hitch. Determining when and where the event will take place, the rules for the content (i.e no swearing allowed), and the microphone situation (we have to talk about that), are all important aspects of making sure a collaboration goes smoothly.

In this course, we look at the different ways creators can work together to achieve common goals through collaborations and ensure that everyone involved has a positive experience.

Learn about how Corpse Husband had explosive growth with Among Us and how you can find the right collaborative partners.


Deejay Knight has been active in the gaming industry since 2006. Currently, he is an entertainer on Twitch, voice actor & event host. His content focuses heavily on space and various Sci-Fi topics. Whether hosting events or entertaining in his channel, he uses his platform to promote positivity and the value of education while adding as much comedy as possible.


Having a plan is an important part of the process. If you’re going into attempting a collaboration without at least an understanding of the end goal you have in mind, it may not work out all that well. Come prepared with your compelling idea, be excited about it, have a good idea whether or not it would fit the person you’re asking, and be able to tell them how you think it would benefit them.”



Emme "Negaoryx" Montgomery is a voice actor, TTRPG player and streamer from Los Angeles. With 5+ years experience as a full-time content creator, she and her community put an emphasis on charity fundraising, LGBTQIA2+ advocacy, and aim to leave the internet better than they found it in all their online endeavors.


“If collaborations work for you and bring energy and joy to you and your audience, that’s amazing! But if you enjoy streaming solo or don’t have the social energy to frequently collab with others, be kind to yourself about it and know that there’s plenty of avenues to success and collaborations are just one piece of a much bigger puzzle. What works for you and feels right to you is what makes for the best content, always.”



Collaborating in the streaming space is a great way to network and grow your audience. Partnering together with other creatives is a popular tactic with YouTube creators and an important strategy for streamers in order to crossover communities and be introduced to new viewers. Collaborations can be short-term or long-term depending on the arrangement, but regardless of the timeline, the collaborations should feel beneficial to everyone involved. Often streamers that are just starting out may be tempted to target larger streamers to try to use them for their audience, this is a tactic doomed for failure! No one wants to feel used and this practice will cause other streamers not to want to work with you. Unless you personally know someone, targeting someone with a much larger audience than you for a collaboration will probably not work out in your favor. Remember that every collaboration is an opportunity to expand...

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