Let’s talk business. The purpose of this course is to start preparing you for treating your stream like a business. There will come a point where you’re bringing in money and starting to think about finances and investing in your stream and all that fun stuff.

We’re starting this course with two big how-to’s, creating a business PayPal account and setting up a business bank account. Having a business PayPal account is incredibly important to do early on to protect your privacy and keep your finances organized. Having an entirely separate bank account can be incredibly powerful as well. However, what do you gain from having one? Why go through the hassle? From helping you at tax time to giving you that extra boost of professionalism, a business bank account can help you keep your finances in order so you can focus on the more fun aspects of content creation!

Disclaimer: The authors at StreamerSquare are not licensed financial advisors. Any content is intended for general information and education purposes and not specific advice. Should you need such advice, contact licensed financial and tax professionals.

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