Welcome to your course on Analytics! Twitch metrics can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned of content creators. Luckily, QuirkyPixel has got your back! Check out her video below to get started!

We’ve also got a little depth from InexpensiveGamer covering not only Analytics but also a bit of Networking and some tips for Growth:

If you want an overview of the Twitch analytics page, and updates they’ve made in recent years, StreamerSquare has got just the guide for you!

Analytics for Twitch can be hard to follow and knowing what tools to use can be difficult to understand. There are lots of tools that are available beyond Twitch analytics such as Upfluence, TubeBuddy, and Mercury which all serve at least slightly different purposes. However, sites like Rainmaker and SullyGnome can become integral for one’s growth on Twitch to become a successful content creator. Plus, as a streamer, you diversify by utilizing other platforms beyond Twitch and those places will have their own analytics because every tool understandably offers something different. It’s perfectly fine, even actively encouraged, to utilize more than one tool to reap the benefits of all the features across all platforms. But what tools are out there? What makes them stand out from the rest? We’ll cover those questions and more! This article will dig into Twitch tools like Rainmaker, TwitchTracker, and SullyGnome as well as Twitter-specific...

As a content creator, you have a lot of different metrics you can look at for all your different social media platforms. It can be hard to understand what numbers really matter, but easy for anyone’s eyes to gloss over when looking at all that data. However, we’re here to help you sort through heaps of information to determine what matters, and why. Some key metrics that content creators tend to focus on might be concurrent viewer count (CCV), engagement, impressions, and total views. Not only can each platform sometimes either define or measure these factors differently, but whether or not each of them matters might also vary from creator to creator. Let’s dive in and explore all this so you can get a better grasp of the analytics that mean something! Twitch Twitch has a few metrics that are fairly essential to look at. The first and probably most...

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