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StreamerSquare is one of the top resources for all things streaming. Our mission is to provide guides, hands-on services, coaching, reviews, and captivating live shows to help creators bring their stream to the next level.

Founded in 2014 by Lowco, and later joined by co-owner TheHunterWild, we have helped streamers clarify their brand, improve on the technical aspects of streaming, and build communities.

Together we continue to strive to fulfill the dreams of hopeful content creators, while also building a platform for industry professionals and seasoned streamers to share their experiences.


Our Team

Founded By Streamers, For Streamers

Our CEO, Lowco:

  • 8 Years as a full time streamer
  • 100,000+ Twitch Followers
  • Consultant for streamers and brands
  • Industry leader for advice and perspective
Lowco, CEO
ChristieSkylar, CMO
KaleQueen77 Headshot
Kale Premium Content Editor
CMDR Mitchcraft Product Manager

Our Staff


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